• State VS Nelson Courtroom Decorum Rules


    The Court has assigned seating (please check with the bailiff if you need guidance).


    Prosecution witnesses will sit on the left side of the courtroom – behind the prosecutors.


    Electronic devices need to be turned OFF – no photographs or videotaping are allowed inside the courtroom.


    Proper Courtroom attire – no shirts with photos or mention of Mr. Sarey allowed during the trial.


    No hats.


    No disruptive behavior – if strong emotions occur, please leave the courtroom until able to compose yourself.


    No conversations with jurors – they will be wearing green “juror” cards. Even if you believe they are not a juror on this case, please avoid.


    No food or gum in the courtroom.


    Be respectful.


    No witnesses allowed in the courtroom until called to testify.


    *If any of these conditions are violated you may be removed from the courtroom*



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