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    From the Leaves of Remembrance Project


    "For the Celebration of Dia de los Muertos, we're blessing and dedicating 15 Leaves near Plaza Roberto Maestas at El Centro de la Raza on Beacon Hill (1660 S. Roberto Maestas Festival St.). We're so very honored to be doing this dedication in partnership with El Centro during this very special celebration. These Leaves are for Gilberto Lira-Garcia, Richard Fitts, Jose Ramirez Ocampos, Estyl Hall, Jr., Samuel Rodriguez, Michael Taylor, Melissa Speed, Juan Sontay, Delilah Hernandez, Marvin Lewis Spears, Hector Lopez, Rachel Spradlin, Bonifacio Romero Tlalchetl, Jesse Sarey, and Johnathan Buryl Upham(...)Thank you for being part of our Beloved Community."




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    Created by the Social Justice Sewing Academy for display at the Wing Luke Museum

  • An Interview with Kolton Hart, Kenysha Sarey, and Elaine Simons

    With Impacted Families National March on Washington to End Police Brutality

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    Published 10/21/23 by the October 22nd Coalition in New York--Showcasing highlights from the 28th Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation

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    Published 7/18/22 by Hanna Scott (KIRO Newsradio Reporter)--Former interim Seattle Police Chief Jim Pugel will be a key witness for the prosecution in the murder trial of Auburn Police Officer Jeff Nelson.



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    Published 4/29/22 by Mike Carter (Seattle Times Staff Reporter)--A King County judge on Friday said she would again postpone the murder trial of Auburn Police Officer Jeff Nelson, accused in the 2019 shooting death of Jesse Sarey, saying pending motions will preclude a scheduled June trial date.

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    Judged by XII: Story of a police officer charged with murder created April 8th, 2022--Podcast available for listening via Spotify

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    Published 2/13/23 by Mike Carter (Seattle Times Staff Reporter)--The Sarey family continues to endure through years of trial prolongation and court date extensions to gain justice for Jesse.